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Ami 100% Plant-Based Vegan Pet Food in Kenya

From the first entirely plant-based pet food company in the world, we bring you acclaimed Ami vegan food for cats and dogs. Here at Petsasa Petstores, we provide pet supplies that allow you to explore a range of products that allow you to take care of your dog and your cat everyday in an eco-friendly, complete, healthy and loving way.

Ami pet food is imported into Kenya to meet the specific needs of pet owners who desire to feed their dogs vegan food and 100% plant based cat food. This Italian company makes healthy grain- and vegetable-based foods.

Ami Planet thinks about the four-legged family members and nourishes them by respecting all animals, people and our planet. When science and conscience meet, responsibility and consciousness begin to walk together, hand in hand in our everyday lives and they guide us in our choices for our home and family.

Balance, science, sustainability, love and culture.

These are key words to those who chose Ami, to those who lead a conscious lifestyle.

Your dog and your cat deserve to have every day a complete, healthy, 100% vegetable based food.