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Unique Veterinary Prescription Diet Pet Food in Kenya

Pets facing health need special nutrition to allow them to live not only full lives but fulfilling lives. Your veterinarian may recommend Unique prescription diet to offer your pet the nutritional care they need to flourish.

Unique veterinary prescription diet for pets is a brand of pet food in Kenya that you can look upon to help you keep your dog or cat fed right. If your pet is facing a health challenge, be it obesity or food allergy, talk to our vet to see which Unique diet is right to feed.

Veterinary prescription diet for pets in Kenya available at Petsasa is clinically tested and formulated by dieticians specialised care.

Find veterinary prescribed dog and cat food at Petsasa petstores and shop online for fast, convenient delivery in Nairobi and across the countryShop.

Shop Unique Veterinary Prescription Dog Food in Kenya

Under the dog series of Unique vet food, we have diets for these needs:

  • Allergy control
  • Gastro intestinal care
  • Obesity control
  • Urinary health
  • Bone and joint support
  • Renal care
  • Hepatic (liver care)
  • Cardiac care

Unique Veterinary Prescription Cat Food Online in Kenya

Cat health like in other animals is greatly reliant on the diet fed. Unique veterinary pet food range provides the following diets to control and remedy diagnosed health issues.

Browse the online pet store in Kenya to shop this and more pet foods on sale.

Frequently Asked Questions about Unique Veterinary Diet Dog and Cat Food

What is veterinary prescribed diet pet food?
Does my pet require a veterinary prescribed diet?
Where can I get prescription dog and cat food in Nairobi Kenya?
How can I get a veterinary prescription for this food?

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