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Bewi Cat® Food in Kenya

The makers of Bewi Cat® Food believe mealtime is a special moment for you and your cat and thus strives to bring the most nutritious feline nutrition to the market. Bewi cat® brand is a line of cat food that offers you the option of combining high-quality wet food with crunchy dry food with a high meat content. The line includes:

  • Crocinis Bewi Cat Brand at Petsasa Petstores in Kenya
  • Adult poultry
  • adult fish
  • Delicaties
  • Meatinis poultry
  • Meatinis salmon
  • Meatinis venison

These foods complement each other perfectly to provide your cat with complete nutrition and an optimal diet.

Buy Bewi Dry Cat Food Online

Bewi dry food has the advantage that the cat can be given free access to the food and has the option of eating small portions several times a day, as the cat would do naturally. The nutrient concentration in dry food is approximately four times as high as in moist food due to the dehydration.

Buy Bewi Wet Cat Food Online

Wet Cat food has the advantage that the cat simultaneously ingests water with his food. For these reasons, many cats prefer a mixed diet in which moist food is offered at fixed times in addition to the dry food.

Bewi Cat Food is Drop Dead Yummy

Drop Dead Yummy

For years Bewi Cat has been helping cat lovers in Kenya make the most of mealtime with wholesome meals full of the irresistible tastes cats love. So if you are looking to buy Bewi Cat Food in Nairobi, Mombasa or any other town in Kenya, stop by at Petsasa Online pet store.