Best Dog Muzzles in Kenya – Online Pet Store

Dog muzzles have been used for centuries to train and drive behavioural changes in man’s best friend, the dog. But before we go ahead, Why muzzle a dog? The main aim of putting a  muzzle on a dog is to get the dog under control. This can help prevent a bite or an attack on other dogs.

What muzzle is best for my dog ?

It depends with a number of factors. One is the size of the dog, essentially the head. The intended results too. Some muzzles will allow the dog to drink water while others won’t. There are muzzle types that are suitable for puppies only. The good thing is that we have a range of options to choose from.

A dog muzzle can prevent your dog from eating their own poop. However, this problem should be addressed through training rather than putting the muzzle on all the time. This applies to aggression. A muzzle will not solve aggression in a dog but it can help the dog remain calm.

On the issue of using a muzzle to stop a dog barking, it should be a temporary solution as better ways are acquired. The dog should be trained or reinforced to bark at particular stimuli and not others.

A good dog muzzle is even more effective when used in conjunction with a dog leash, collar or harness.

Where To Buy Best Dog Muzzle

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