Dog Paw & Nail Care: Nail Clippers, Nail Grinders & More

Take care of your dog’s feet with dog nail and paw care supplies from Petsasa. Keeping your dog’s paws healthy and nails trim is an important part of dog grooming and keeping him healthy. You can find everything you need to care for your dog’s paws at Petsasa. These includes nail trimmers, nail file, dog nail grinders and more paw care accessories.

Some dog owners may be hesitant to  trim the nails of their dogs. Here are of their worries addressed.

Should I trim my dog’s nails?

Yes, nail trimming is good for dogs as a way to keep nails trimmed and smooth for safety and comfort. It also protects furniture or car seats from being damaged.

Is Cutting Dog Nails Safe?

Using the right nail trimmer is important. Dog nail trimmers and grinders are specially designed for that task. If unsure on how to do it, please consult our pet care professionals or a professional pet groomer.

Where Can I Buy Dog Nail Clippers in Kenya

If you are shopping within Nairobi or any other town in Kenya, you can purchase nail clippers and grinders for dogs at Petsasa. We delivers fast and conveniently countrywide.

What are the best dog nail clippers?

The best dog nail clippers are easy to use and comfortable for your pup. Choose dog nail trimmers with a safety guard.

It is important to give your pet’s paws and nails proper loving care. Our nail grinders, paw care supplies and dog nail trimmers are designed for jus that. Be sure to protect your dog from harsh hot asphalt and sand too. Choose Petsasa pet store for all you dog nail and paw supplies.