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About PetSasa PetStore in Kenya

If you a pet owner in Kenya, or you plan to get a pet soon, PetSasa’s Pet Store Kenya is here for you. The pet shop has all the pet supplies that you could ever want for your cat, dog, bird or small animal pet. While we are located in Nairobi, we provide shipping and delivery to all parts of Kenya. Our delivery is fast and convenient. You might be wondering “which is the pet shop near me in Nairobi ” or elsewhere. The PetSasa pet supplies store is always near you on your phone

Pet Store Kenya Supplies

Caring for your pet can be a lot of fun. Like many cat lovers will tell you, cats are very interesting pets. Shopping for cats can be an even more exciting. The PetSasa pet store located in Nairobi and serving the whole of Kenya is a one stop cat shop for all your feline needs.

Cat toys are an important part of a cat’s life, more so when they are kittens. They love to play and jump around. A proper diet goes a long way in ensuring your cat lives a long and healthy life. Choose the right cat food to suit your cat’s taste, size and age. Some cats prefer home made cat food, other wet food while others love dry kibble. You will find cat supplies including litter and accessories, beds, collars, cat clothes and more.


Dog Shop Pet Store KenyaYou can not measure the satisfaction that you get from the companionship of your dog. Dogs make excellent friends. That is why people say that a dog is man’s best friend. There are many dog breeds in Kenya. Some that you might have heard about are German shepherds and Japanese Spitz. All dog needs proper nutrition though the needs vary. The dog food shop on PetSasa has a variety of option to suit your dog. Also on the dog section you will find dog toys, collars, leads and leashes, dog bowls, dog training supplies and much more.

The bird shop on PetSasa is under development.

The PetSasa Pet Store and Supplies is an all round pet care team.