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Flea And Tick Collar for Dogs 8 Months Protection

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Stainless Steel Pet Flea Comb Grooming Tool, 18cm

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Dog Flea & Tick Treatment & Medicine in Kenya

If there is one thing every pet owner dreads, it is the infestation of pests such as fleas and ticks. These crawlies can wreck havoc on a dog and ruin their health and quality of life. How can you protect your dog from ticks and fleas? The best solution is to use treatments and medicines for the dogs as well as for the surroundings.

Effects of Ticks and Fleas on Dogs

These insects suck blood from your dog and cause a host of health problems such as tick-borne diseases. They also cause skin irritation and may lead to infection. The skin may develop rashes and an inflamed skin which if left untreated may worsen into scabs and scales.

Undoubtedly, due to the discomfort cause by tick and flea infestation on a dog, the scratching can lead to the dog developing psychological issues.

How do dog flea and tick treatments work?

In Kenya, there are a number of dog flea and tick solutions that you can find. These work in different ways. Flea & tick shampoos and sprays kill the pests on contact. Flea collars and other topical tick solutions may kill and prevent infestation for a certain period. There are also oral tablets for dogs to kill ticks and fleas. Furthermore, there are dusting and spray treatments dog beddings and kennels to control ticks and fleas that may be present in the environment. These among several other treatments are available on Petsasa online pet store from which you can shop whether you are in Mombasa, Kisumu or any town.

Shop Flea & Tick Treatment & Medicine for Dogs

If you are a dog owner in Kenya, chances are that you have had to grapple with the issue of fleas and ticks attacking your dog. You might have even bought some medicine from your local agrovet shop or supermarket. The problem is that some of those pest solutions do not work or even end harming your dog. As pet owners for many years, we know how terrible these pest can cause pain and discomfort to our dogs. Our pet shop stocks the top pet brands in Kenya that are known and trusted all over the world. These are the best flea medicine for dogs without vet prescription. At Petsasa, you can buy best oral flea treatment for dogs in Nairobi.

You can shop online at Petsasa pet store and pay with Mpesa or card to get fast and efficient delivery in Nairobi and across the country. Petsasa is the pet shop near me that sells the most effective medicine for treatment of ticks and fleas.

What do you recommend for flea and tick control in my dog?

We recommend several options depending on your situation, but your pet may benefit from other flea and tick control measures instead. Generally, long acting topical solutions are best for treatment of flea and tick on dogs in Kenya. For mild problems, a flea shampoo for your puppy is enough. It is advisable to do this regularly and paid it with a flea collar. Regular grooming with a pet flea comb also helps keep the pests at bay.

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Dog Flea & Tick Treatment & Medicine in Kenya