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Dog Treats and Dog Chews

Someone once said that all happy dogs get treats. You and I both know that dogs are food motivated. That means that a dog’s behavior is influenced by food availability, taste etc. Chews are a vital part of dog training, bonding with your pet as well as meeting the need to chew, especially for puppies and growing dogs.

While dog chews and treats come in a number of different form, there a few that are a favourite of many dogs and dog owners.

Dog Biscuits and Dog Cookies

These small crunchy treats are perfect when creating a bond between you and your pet. Have a handful with you and keep dishing one at a time. You can even break them into pieces. When training, reward the dog with a piece after the dog accomplishes the task or behaves accordingly.

Fun fact: You can make dog cookies at home using dog-safe ingredients or order ready to eat dog cookies in Kenya.

Dental Treats

Dental dog treats can be a very useful way of improving your dog’s dental health. They usually have a unique texture that is satisfying for dogs making them want to chew for a long time, making teeth cleaning a delight! This helps remove plaque and tartar. Find more dog dental care and teeth cleaning such as dog toothbrushes on the Petsasa dog pharmacy.

Soft Chews

If you want to keep your dog happy, soft chew dog treats are a great way to go. Dogs just love them. They are good for puppies and senior dogs too.

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Remember that treat dispensing toys are a great way for your dog to enjoy dog biscuits and other treats.