Petsasa Office & Delivery Hours

At Petsasa, the webshop remains open 24/7. Deliveries run Mon-Sat.  Normal Office Hours are are 8-5pm on weekdays and 8-1pm on Saturdays. Welcome!

  1. The webshop remains open 24/7 at and on the apps. All operations are self-service.
  2. Deliveries run from Mon-Sat. Weekdays 8-5. On Saturdays, we close at 1pm. Orders received around closing time get delivered on the next open day.
  3. Delivery time for each order will depend on order particulars (time received, address, delivery option, products)
  4. We are reachable on phone during normal working hours only.
  5. Our live chat, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram may be available during off hours, on weekends, nights and on holidays.
  6. We remain closed on Sundays and on all public holidays.
  7. Any irregular hours and interruptions will be communicated.

Whenever in an emergency, contact us to confirm possibility of delivery before placing an order.

Note : For an order to be delivered the same day, it has to be received and processed in time. For example, an order received at 3pm cannot be delivered to Syokimau or Karen the same day. Similarly, on Saturdays which is a half work-day, any order not processed early in the day gets to wait till Monday for delivery.