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Bird Food in Kenya

Birds get bored eating the same food over and over again. When shopping for bird food in Kenya, Petsasa online pet store is the place to browse for top bird food brands, from Kaytee, Rio, Bonnie, Wagner’s and many more. We stock a wide variety of food for birds to meet their nutritional needs while keeping them happy and interested. Bird food in Nairobi can be bought online and delivered to your doorstep fast and conveniently.

In addition to good food, it is very important to make sure that your bird has access to clean water all the time.

Parrot Food

If you have a pet parrot, it is important to feed the feathered friend food that is specifically fit for them. Parrots require food that is nutritionally rich. We supply parrot food in Nairobi to our clients.

Parakeet Food

While Parakeets are known to be indiscriminate eaters that will eat almost any food that you give to them, it’s important to make sure they get a balanced diet. Find Parakeet bird food in Nairobi Kenya here.

Cockatiel Food

Did you know that cockatiel is a smaller parrot? They are much quieter and tend to enjoy spending a lot of time in the bird cage. Feeding Cockatiel the right nutrition is very important for their general health and mood.

Budgie Food

When shopping for Budgie bird food in Nairobi Kenya, remember that Budies enjoy plant seed or pellets that are fortified with vitamins and minerals. A healthy mix of seeds will keep your small bird healthy and joyful.

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Whether you need seeds or pellets for feeding your bird, Petsasa online pet stores has all the bird supplies you need and so much more. Enjoy our convenient online shopping, world-class customer care and fast, efficient delivery of pet supplies in Nairobi and all other towns across Kenya.