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Felicia Pet Food in Kenya

Your pet who feed on Felicia dry food do not need any additional nutritional supplements. So, it saves you the costs for nutritional supplements. Cats and dogs need different nutritional supplements. For this reason, we developed separate ingredients for cats and dogs. Check out the supplements below to find out their functions.

When Felicia® low-grain and hypoallergenic food is consumed regularly, you can observe that our cute friend’s immune system strengthened, the amount and smell of stool reduced, strong and shiny hair formed, urinary tract and renal health are protected, digestibility improved and a dynamic body structure developed.

Felicia Cat Food

Felicia® cat foods have a variety that meets all your cat’s nutritional needs, including dry food and wet food. Felicia® wet foods are in minced, fillet and piece meat forms and contain real meat and taurine. All Felicia® cat foods are made from non-GMO raw materials.

Felicia Dry Cat Food

Felicia Dry Cat Food

Felicia Pouch Wet Cat Food

Felicia Wet Pouch Cat Food

Felicia Can Wet Cat Food

Felicia Wet Can Cat Food

Felicia Dog Food

Felicia Dry Dog Food

You can find food for dogs of all ages and breeds in the Felicia® product range. Our foods specially prepared for your special friends include natural supplements such as anchovy oil, carob, blueberry, yucca, psyllium, marigold, as well as additives that support joint structure such as glucosamine and chondroitin.

Where can I buy Felicia Pet Food?

In Kenya, you can shop online at Petsasa pet store for fast delivery.

Is Felicia Cat Food Good Quality?

Yes, Felicia® is low-grain and hypoallergenic food which improves immune systems and allows cats and dog to live healthily in accordance with their natural habitats.

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