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Josera Diet Veterinary Diet; Cat & Dog Food

Josera Help Pet Food in Kenya at Petsasa Pet Store

Josera Help is an advanced range of veterinary diet meant to address diverse health concern in dogs and cats. Our pets have unique health requirements which in some cases require specialised attention. When it comes to feeding you cat or dog nutritional food, you can rely on Petsasa to be your trusted partner. Our wide selection of both dry  and wet foods for pets is considered to be the best in Kenya.

With the addition of Josera Health selection of veterinary foods, you can truelly be in charge of your pet’s feeding needs. ith the Josera Help veterinary products, there is a range of beneficial complete foods for very special health challenges. Each recipe is formulated with ingredients to support the relevant dietary approach. Whether the diagnosis is heart disease, diabetes, struvite stones or chronic renal insufficiency (CRI), these complete feeds offer customised assistance.