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Sepicat cat litter & litter Deodorants

When it comes to the variety of cat litter in Kenya, Sepicat is a leader. The litter maker has developed the widest range of pet care products passing the strictest quality and effectiveness control inspection checks.   When you shop for Sepicat, you are guaranteed of litter quality that puts your cats hygiene at the forefront.

SEPICAT is the range of cat litters and pet care products developed by SEPIOLSA, one of the major mining companies worldwide engaging in the mining and sale of special clays: Sepiolite, Bentonite, Stevensite-kerolite, Attapulgite and Hormite.

Sepicat products are sold in Kenya through Petsasa petstores. If you prefer buying our products online, you have come to the right place.

Sepicat Cat Litter

At Sepicat care about your pets’ health and hygiene is prioritised and so have developed a wide range of cat litters. All the products pass the strictest quality control inspection checks and are the result of constant research and years of experience in the business. From the most conventional products such as absorbent non-clumping cat litter to the newest, most innovative products such as our range of lightweight clumping litter, at Sepicat you will find the cat litter that best suits the preferences and needs of the most discerning pets and customers.

Sepicat Cat Litter Deodorants

The Sepicat range of Cat Litter Deodorants is made from 100% natural clays. They remove bad odors odors and keeps your cat box smelling clean when you get home from work.They have been specially designed to reduce odors and prolong the duration of your Sepicat absorbent cat litter. The deodorants are very easy to use. Before pouring the absorbent litter of your choice, simply sprinkle evenly the bottom of the tray with Sepicat deodorant