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Veko is a young & dynamic company in the Animal Health Pharmaceutical Manufacturing field. It is the fastest growing Animal Health Pharmaceutical Company in India.

Veko has state of art new factory for Pharmaceuticals with a specialization in Veterinary Medicine at Ranjangaon 5 star Industrial Park (MIDC) near Pune. The factory is designed & made as per the latest GMP guidelines (PIC/s, WHO-GMP, MHRA), so as to cater & comply with the FDA regulators of various countries. The Factory is approved for GMP practices by WHO & Australia. It is also been audited by many International Clients & Multinational Companies.

The commercial operations started in the middle of year 2018.

This factory manufactures specialist Veterinary Pharmaceuticals in following dosages forms.

1] External Preparations :- Ear drop, Spot-On, Spray, Pour-on. Nail Lacquer (In external liquid), Medicated Shampoo, Dusting Powder.

2] Oral Solids Dosages Forms :- a) Tablets (Flavored, Chewable & Normal) b) Powders & Granules c) Oral Paste.

This covers therapeutics like Trypanocides, Antibiotics, Anti-inflammatory, Antiarthritics, Skin Care, Anthelmintics, Vitamins, Minerals Supplements, Nutritional, Antiulcer, Antiprotozoals, Ectoparasiticides and Feed Supplements etc.

Based on the above capabilities- Veto are making products for Companion, Livestock, Cattle, Poultry and some specialty products for Aquaculture.

Right from day one Veto has initiated a “Global Regulatory Strategy” (GRS). This strategy & principles of same allows them to start developing the regulatory documents & ensure compliances.

Veto animal health products in Kenya are available at Petsasa Kenya, the leading pet care company in the country.