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Skin & Coat Medicine for Dogs

Help your dog feel good in his skin & coat with the best selection of dog skin care products specially curated for the deserving pooch. At Petsasa Pestores in Kenya, we stock a wide range of coat & skin products including skin infection treatment, dry skin treatment, treatment for skin allergies and itchy skin, as well as flea, tick, and mite control products, too.

Some skin allergy symptoms in dogs and puppies include itching, dryness, rashes, hair loss, excessive licking and chewing, inflamed skin, hives and a swollen face or paws. You should see a vet if you suspect your dog has a skin allergy or other skin ailment. The best prescription skin and coat medicine for your canine will be determined by your vet.

When you shop for dog skin medication, shampoos, spray, coat cream or lotion from Petsasa, you are guaranteed the finest quality and service. Petsasa petstore delivers countrywide to cities and towns including Mombasa, Eldoret, Nanyuki, Nairobi and many more.

How do I get dog skin and coat medicine  online in Kenya?

Get dog skin and coat products online at Petsasa Pet Pharmacy by visiting our online shop to order exactly what you need from us. You should consult your vet before ordering. That’s all you need to do to order your dog skin and coat medication from Petsasa petstore!