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Spectrum Cat and Dog Food

Spectrum pet foods are some of the most liked pet food in the country. Available in a variety of cat foods, adult dog food, puppy food and kitten food, these nutritionally rich foods have grown to become leaders in pet nutrition.


The range of Spectrum pet food is impressive in terms of variety. Care has been made to meet the nutritional needs of pets with different tastes, body size, different life stages and much more. Starting off with the canine nutrition, Spectrum Ultra comes in a number of packs suited for puppies of small and medium breeds, large breeds, adult dogs with sensitive skin and even those with sensitive stomachs.

It is worth mentioning the gluten-free dog food option under Spectrum.

The feline range covers a number of nutritional requirements for your lovely cat. We all know that hairball can become a real issue. Worry no more with the Spectrum Hairball control cat food. Your choosy eater is also taken care of with the new Fussy34. If your cat is prone to obesity or you are worried that your cat is gaining unhealthy weight, for example after neutering or spaying, Slim34 cat food would be recommended. A gluten-free cat food option is also available too for cats that have a high digestive sensitivity.

No matter how unique your dog or cat’s tastes are, Spectrum brand of cat and dog food offers you nutritious choices that will leave your pet healthy, happier and enjoying a more fulfilling life. All the amazing choices are available in Kenya and you can shop easily and conveniently right here on Petsasa Kenya Pet store. Delivery and shipping is available to all towns across the country. Say yes to good pet food!